From a hobby to a daily job

I'm Anna, I'm the founder and owner of the brand MAANA. Although I started working on what people now know as MAANA in 2018, the brand wasn't patented until 2020, which I consider the birth year of my long work. The idea was created and is still being developed today, in the city of Ogre in Latvia. My brand, in certain circles, has become recognizable and is recognized as a model of quality and individual approach, where one thinks not only about the product as a whole, but also about every detail that can affect the visual, functional and comfort nuance. And although everything started as a hobby, enthusiasm prevailed.

In a relatively short time, it has been possible to start cooperation with clients from all over the world. MAANA accessories are worn in the Baltic States, several European countries and also outside them, as far as the USA and Singapore. Currently, the range of accessories includes variously designed hair bands, ribbons, bows, eyeglass chains, brooches and earrings.

I have managed to gather a loyal team of enthusiasts, who are patriots of our work and do not spare their time, so that you have perfect accessories, for the development of which I choose the materials, fabrics myself, and this year (in 2021) we have also created unique 100% "InHouse" fabric designs , to highlight your individuality and taste!

The Maana brand offers the large range of accessories